Question: Will Insurance Companies Go After Uninsured Drivers?

What happens after an accident with an uninsured driver?

In the case of an uninsured driver, you may need to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your injuries.

However, in addition to filing a lawsuit against the party that caused your accident, you may also file a claim against any party that contributed to the accident..

Is it worth suing an uninsured driver?

Why You Shouldn’t Sue Uninsured Drivers Most under or uninsured drivers don’t carry the insurance they need because they can’t afford it. A lawsuit cannot take money a defendant doesn’t have. There are instances where suing an uninsured (or underinsured) is worthwhile like when the defendant has suitable assets.

What can I do if an uninsured driver hits me?

What to Do When Hit by Uninsured Driver CaliforniaDo report the accident to the police. All accidents should be reported, even minor ones.Do inform your own insurance company of the accident.Do seek medical care. … Do seek vehicle repairs. … Do call a lawyer.Apr 27, 2019

What if someone hits me and I have no insurance?

If you didn’t cause the accident to take place (meaning you are not ”at-fault”) and an insured driver hit you, you can still collect money from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If an uninsured driver hit you, on the other hand, you’ll most likely have to sue the driver for compensation.

Can I claim if hit by uninsured driver?

If the responsible party is uninsured In accidents involving an uninsured driver, the MIB advises that the accident should be reported to the police within 14 days for claims involving personal injury. For claims involving damage to property, such as damage to your car, get in touch within five days.