Quick Answer: Do You Have To Make An Appointment For Secretary Of State?

What day of the week is the DMV least crowded?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to take a trip to the DMV..

What are the hours of Secretary of State?

Secretary of State branch offices are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Some offices may close for lunch, and all branches are closed on state holidays. For more information visit the Branch Office Locator.

How do I make an appointment at the secretary of state in Michigan?

To schedule an appointment visit Michigan.gov/SOS or call 888-SOS-MICH. Advance appointments can be made up to 180 days ahead of time. Same-day appointments become available 24 hours prior to the appointment time. We welcome questions and comments at the Contact the Secretary of State page.

Do I need to make an appointment for the DMV Illinois?

If you need to go to the DMV, you’ll need an appointment. At the Illinois DMV you can schedule an appointment online here on the Illinois DMV website or with the third-party site Skip which makes the entire DMV appointment process straightforward and provides customer support.

What documents are needed for Illinois driver’s license?

Provide acceptable documentation that proves name, date of birth, Illinois residency and verification of written signature; Applicants age 18-20 without a valid license must present proof of successful completion of a 6-hour adult driver education and training course.

How do I schedule a road test in Illinois?

You can schedule your IL road test by calling a SOS office or by visiting your local SOS office in person. You will need to schedule your exam well in advance.

Can I get an Illinois Real ID online?

To apply for a REAL ID DL/ID, you will need to visit a Driver Services facility and provide documents verifying your identity, Social Security number, residency and signature. Once you have a REAL ID DL/ID, you will be able to renew by mail or online if you qualify for the Safe Driver Renewal program.

Can I go to Secretary of State without an appointment?

You don’t need an appointment to renew your vehicle tabs,” explained Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. You can locate those kiosks by clicking on this link. Benson says branch offices have also added two hours each day, staying open until 7:00 p.m. through the end of the month.

How do I make an appointment at secretary of state?

To make an appointment, visit Michigan.gov/SOSAppointments or call 888-SOS-MICH (767-6424).

How do I make an appointment at the Michigan DMV?

To make an appointment, visit Michigan.gov/SOS or call 888-SOS-MICH (767-6424).

Is Michigan Secretary of State appointment only?

To protect public health and slow the spread of the coronavirus, upon reopening on June 1, all Secretary of State branch visits will be by appointment only for four transaction types for at least six to eight weeks. We encourage customers to complete their transactions online, at a self-service station or by mail.

What is the least busy day at DMV?

When Is the Best Time to Go to the DMV? Go to the DMV on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the middle of the month, avoiding holidays. Go either before 11:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m., making sure that you’re not within an hour of when the DMV opens or closes.